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App Faceapp

FaceApp fine print: What you accept when you install the application

The popular mobile application FaceApp, which has been responsible for the millions of older people's faces that have invaded social networks in recent days,...

The trend ‘influencer’ could deflate with the new Instagram without ‘likes’

At the moment it's an experiment, but Instagram is testing what happens in the behaviour of the users if it hides the 'like' in...
Man wearing hoodie

10 things that make trendy brands ‘cool’

These 10 characteristics could help brands create a “coolness strategy,” according to new research. Focus groups, in-depth interviews, an experiment, and multiple survey studies indicate...
Flat Tubeless Motorcycle Tire

How to permanently repair flat tubeless motorcycle tire

While investing in new, cheap ATV tires now and again is always an excellent idea for those looking for a balance of safety and...
Hiring manager

Fake resumes root out real hiring bias

A new way to study hiring called incentivized resume rating has uncovered evidence of how bias seeps into the hiring process of some of...

Take a bath 90 minutes before bedtime to get better sleep

Biomedical engineers at The University of Texas at Austin may have found a way for people...

Google and Facebook track the porn users see even when they use incognito browser...

Researchers at Microsoft, Carnegie Mellon University, and the University of Pennsylvania have discovered that Internet giants Facebook, Google, and Oracle track the porn their...

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