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In Telegram it is now possible to add contacts through geolocation

Telegram, that instant messaging application that happens to be the most secure one, brings news. From now on it will allow to add contacts...

Washington Post experiment finds more than 11,000 cookies in Chrome in a week

An experiment conducted by the U.S. daily The Washington Post found that its computer system received more than 11,000 requests for advertising cookies during...

Americans do not believe so much in actual economic mobility

Americans overestimate the future income for children from wealthy and middle-income families, but underestimate that of children from poor ones, according to a new...

How people pick their dogs in shelters?

Psychologists who study how people pick their spouses have turned their attention to another important relationship: choosing a canine companion. They recently found that, when...

Scientists found the neurons controlling anorexia … and take back appetite

Like a symphony, multiple brain regions work in concert to regulate the need to eat. University of Arizona researchers believe they have identified a...

You have a unique fingerprint … and a unique scream

Human screams convey a level of individual identity that may help explain their evolutionary origins, according to a new study. The research shows that listeners...

Porn consumption causes dehumanization and unethical behavior at work

New research discovers employees who view pornography aren't just costing companies millions of dollars in wasted time, they're causing harm to the company. A study...

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