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Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code, Microsoft’s code editor, now has a web version

The Microsoft team announced this week that Visual Studio Code is now available from the web browser. Yes, you will be able to use Microsoft's...
Apple sounds videoclip

Start Up, a video clip with 45 years of “Apple sounds”.

In this fantastic, very careful and meticulous video clip produced by Apple, 45 years of "Apple sounds" so characteristic and familiar that anyone who...
Geforce RTX 3080

You’ll be able to play at 4K and 120 fps on Android with NVIDIA...

Streaming gaming has established itself as one of the alternatives of the present, rather than a crazy idea for the future. Platforms like Stadia,...
Google Play Store

Google Play reduces the fee it charges for subscriptions

The Google team announced new measures aimed at encouraging developers to continue betting on Google Play. Among the novelties, changes were mentioned in relation to...

Fear of syringes on British dance floors

Layla, not her real name, was dancing in a Nottingham club when she suddenly felt "a pinch" in the back of her arm. She...

6 reasons to opt for out-of-the-box software for telecom solutions

Proprietary software, also called out of the box software, refers to enterprise-ready tools that can be easily implemented to serve specific telecom purposes. They...
Cleanup pictures

How to remove objects from a photo without installing anything on the computer

We have already seen how in the mobile world there are several image editors that help us to clean photos and remove objects, but...

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