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Working on laptop

Top reasons why every business should have a website

Nowadays, the majority of people have full access to the internet. Most business owners believe that having their company website is now considered as...
Football helmet

What years of playing football do to brain’s white matter

Scientists have discovered a link between dementia, white matter in the brain, and the neurodegenerative disease CTE in former American football players. When it comes...
Science books

Do our electronic devices make it tougher to grasp science?

Excessive interaction with electronic devices may be related to weaker activity in areas of the brain that are key to understanding scientific texts, say...

How can businesses benefit from translation and interpretation services?

Interpreters and translators play a significant role in the realm of global business. They enhance communication by conveying information correctly and accurately from one...
Whatsapp start screen

WhatsApp works on a boomerang style tool such as Instagram’s

One of the advantages of owning several mobile applications is that if a function succeeds in one of them, you can apply it to...
Move package

Upgrade your move: The best apps to help with house moving

Who says house moving has to be unbearable? While house moving in itself needs a lot of time and effort - especially during the...
Dead Sea snow-salt

Team cracks mystery of Dead Sea summer ‘snow’

New research may solve the mystery behind the the Dead Sea’s salt crystal “snowfall.” It’s summertime at the Dead Sea, and for locals and visitors...

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