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Facebook closed last quarter 2.19 billion fake accounts

The social network Facebook has announced that last quarter closed 2,190 million false accounts, a record figure. This account closure comes at a time...

Harvey Weinstein reaches $44 million settlement to close sexual abuse lawsuits

Hollywood exproducer Harvey Weinstein has reached a $44 million settlement to close the lawsuits filed against him by some of his alleged victims and...

Theresa May resigns after almost three years at the head of the British Government

The head of the conservative government has met at her official residence at 10 Downing Street with the president of her parliamentary group, Graham...

Hiroshima beaches glassy beads formed from debris of the atomic bomb blast

Minuscule glassy beads formed from debris of the atomic bomb blast that devastated Hiroshima nearly 75 years ago litter nearby beaches, according to a...

Apple redesigns MacBook Pro keyboard after user complaints

Apple announced new versions of its line of MacBook Pro laptops in which the keyboard has been redesigned, after the company received many criticisms...

Whatsapp will have advertising in 2020

WhatsApp's vice president, in 2018, confirmed that the application will have advertisements, but did not set a date for this to happen. This Tuesday, during...

Nearly 19,000 asylum seekers await US entry in Mexican border cities

The number of asylum seekers on wait lists in Mexican border cities or those waiting to get on these lists has grown to 18,700,...

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