One of the big absences from the launch of Windows 11 was the support for Android apps. This integration is one of the most eagerly awaited by users, and now it is one step closer to becoming a reality. This is because from today it is possible to test the applications of Google’s mobile system on Microsoft’s software, although with its logical limitations.

Initially, only 50 applications are available, which have been selected by Microsoft and Amazon. These include reading tools, mobile games and children’s content. Let’s remember that the installation of Android apps on Windows 11 is done through the renewed Microsoft Store, but with the help of the Amazon Appstore.

Undoubtedly, we are talking about a very small number of applications, taking into account the huge catalog available on Android. However, this is only the first real opportunity for users to start experimenting with this integration in Windows 11.

It is also worth noting that not all users of Microsoft’s new operating system will get immediate access to Android apps. For the time being, the test is only available for those who are part of the Windows Insider Beta channel. Among the requirements to be met is the need to have an Amazon account based in the United States.

To enable the execution of Android apps, Microsoft has incorporated the Windows Subsystem for Android in Windows 11. It “includes the Linux kernel and the Android operating system based on version 11 of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP)”, as explained.

Redmond also indicated that the Windows Subsystem for Android works on Intel, AMD and Qualcomm chips. On the other hand, they have ratified the implementation of Intel Bridge technology to run apps that are exclusive to ARM on devices with Intel or AMD hardware.

It is not yet known how long Microsoft’s tests will take, nor when Android apps will be available for all Windows 11 users. The good thing is that, at least, the first step has been taken so that one of the most anticipated features since the presentation of the operating system becomes something tangible.


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