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Author: Uzair Ghani

Windows 10 is live and now available to download, and here we are going to detail which channels you can opt for to grab yourself a copy of Microsoft’s latest and greatest desktop OS.

Download Windows 10 From Windows Update

Windows 10 is available as a direct and free download via Windows Update, and it is the easiest way to get the OS if you’re running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1 Update. If you haven’t signed up for the Windows 10 download already, then the steps are easy to follow, and for your convenience we have outlined them below.

1. Make sure you are running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1 Update. You’ll also need to install the March update for Windows, which you can grab from here.

2. Once you’ve installed the March update on your PC, you’ll see a new Windows logo in the task bar prompting you to ‘Get Windows 10.’ Click on it.

Get Windows 10

3. You’ll be greeted with a bunch of screens outlining some features of Windows 10 along with the process of the download. Enter a valid email address and then click on ‘Send Confirmation.’

Windows 10 will automatically begin downloading in the background and you’ll be prompted once it is ready for installation.

Lastly, Windows 10 will not be available to everyone immediately, and you can find more details on that matter on a separate post on the Windows 10 roll-out strategy which we have already done before.

Buy Windows 10 On A USB Stick

Users also have the option to buy Windows 10 on a USB stick. Do keep one thing in mind though, they will be pricey, but on the plus side you’ll get the OS on a physical medium for safekeeping.


Windows 10 USB

The Windows 10 USB drive will be available directly from Amazon, and will set you back $119 for Windows 10 Home, while Windows 10 Pro will cost you a whopping $199. You can pre-order your Windows 10 USB drive from here and here, respectively. The Windows 10 USB drives will begin to ship on August 30th, as per the listing on Amazon.

Windows Insiders Can Update To Windows 10 For Free

Already running an Insider Preview of Windows 10? You’ll be upgraded to the Windows 10 final release for free. But upgrading to the final version from an Insider build comes with a small catch: you have to be Microsoft’s guinea pig to keep on receiving updates. In short, be a Microsoft tester and Windows 10 is yours to keep.

Windows 10 Will Make It Harder For You To Avoid Updates

No Windows 10 DVD

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft is putting an end to pushing its OS via DVD. Though the company is clear on its stance, but there have been instances where it has backtracked on its promise, and there is a possibility that Windows 10 would be available on DVD as we further go down the road. But as of right now, Windows Update and buying the OS on a USB is your best bet.

As we mentioned before, Windows 10 is available to download immediately for users, while some have to wait in line before the OS hits their PCs. We highly recommend that users take the Windows Update route since it’s absolutely free for the first year, after which you have to pony up cash to keep the ball rolling.

It’s also worth mentioning here that if you’re upgrading to Windows 10 and not doing a clean install, then you can rest assured that you won’t lose your apps. But still, make note of all the apps and games you have installed, you never know when things can go bad.

If you’re yet to install Windows 10, then be sure to check out: How To Prepare Your PC For Windows 10 Right Now.

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