The first major Windows 10 update of the year 2020 has just been officially released. This means that it will be progressively distributed to all the users of the system from today and throughout the next days.

The Windows 10 May 2020 Update, version 2004, also known as version 20H1, is not considered a “service pack” like the one from November 2019, but it is similarly more focused on stability and performance than on new features.

This new version comes with improvements in search, Cortana, virtual desktops, accessibility, the Windows for Linux subsystem, and even emojis, notepad and calculator have received updates.

If your computer supports the update, you’ll see a message that “Feature update to Windows 10, version 2004” is available. Click “Download and install now,” and reboot when Windows tells you to.

Now, it’s always the case that many users receive the update first, because Windows Update checks for compatibility issues on your computer, and always chooses the newest computers that are least likely to fail.

If you don’t get it today, keep checking back in the next few days from Windows Update. And remember, don’t try to force it unless you’re willing to take a chance on something that’s usually a very bad idea.


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