Without us even realizing it, Microsoft has suddenly added a great video editor to the Windows 10 photo app. Once we open it, we’ll get several notifications telling us about the update and we’ll be able to use it right away without any problems. If you have Windows 10 installed, the update will be completely free; you just have to update it from the Microsoft Store or directly let it do it by itself.

The editor itself is quite simple; it allows us to perform basic editing tasks, such as cutting, reducing, enlarging, changing footage speeds, and so on. A preview panel crowns the interface, with a very simple system to start using your projects either locally, located in the cloud or provided directly from a website. An interesting function allows us to choose an album from the gallery, and the editor will automatically make a clip for us, saving us the work.

But why in the Photos app and not separated in a new app form? Perhaps Microsoft wanted to bet on another type of users: those who need video editing apps not too expensive and that offer even minimal results for work on the go. This one meets all of them; it’s a simple app that seeks the core of users who want something more intermediate between pro Adobe’s alternatives and “free” cutters and editors on the Internet.

The system will work very similar to how a normal editor would, based on projects that we can manage and share with other users. We have to emphasize that this editor will hardly be for someone looking for a “professional” experience like the more popular apps like Final Cut Pro might offer, and that’s not bad; how many times have we been in the situation of wanting to edit or cut a video and not having a native tool on our device?

The installation is no mystery; we will simply have to update the Windows 10 Photos application from the Microsoft Store, which in itself will do it automatically. That is, the next time you start Photos, you will surely find out that you have received this free update with these notifications. This is another move by Microsoft to try to exploit its own app ecosystem; something problematic given the lack of features in it.

Remember, open the Microsoft Photos app and click on “new video”, at which point you can start editing any video you want. Perhaps many of us would have liked Microsoft to release a separate app to have its own editing tool within its platform, but that doesn’t mean that the new editor isn’t enough for all of us who use Windows more casually.


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