The Microsoft Store has never been a success, and it shrinks instead of growing. It was not in Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile and has not been in Windows 8 or Windows 10. Therefore, the last Microsoft Build 2018, they announced that developers would enter 95% of the total charged.

Probably 5% is too little for Microsoft, but the store is desert and is a way to get the attention of developers, who are now also allowed to upload progressive web applications, which in itself facilitated having a application. With the 5% that developers lose with respect to marketing on their websites, they can gain some visibility and save hosting costs.

The store needs a knock-on effect, but perhaps not even 95% of revenue for the developer is enough because many developers look with distrust at Microsoft, which has already abandoned them on more than one occasion.

Where nothing will change, is in games, area where the Store does have some success and Microsoft gets more income. Even so, it is a section where it is foreseeable that they will also end up taking steps towards a reduction in income, as competition is very strong. Although currently has few titles in the catalog, the newly launched Epic Games Store “only” takes 12% of the revenue from each sale, compared to 30% of Valve on Steam.

For years the high percentages have been justified by lack of competition and the high visibility offered, but the market begins to change, and more would if the App Store and the Play Store had well established competition in iOS and Android.


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