The company will offer Paint in the Windows Store. Any user who upgrades to Windows 10 ‘Fall Creators Update’ will be able to download it from the application store if they wish.

The most popular drawing application will continue among us after the update to Windows 10 ‘Fall Creators Update’. Paint’s new home will be the Windows Store, where all users will be able to download it if they wish.

However, the development of Paint will be null. The Redmond company will continue to push Microsoft Paint 3D, a more advanced tool that will replace traditional Paint on Windows 10 computers with the ‘Fall Creators Update’ update.

After seeing Microsoft’s rapid reaction it is inevitable to think if it has not really been a well-thought-out marketing movement. Keeping Paint as a free application in the Windows Store, little can be blamed (although when a product is free, payment are the users themselves), but if you love the beloved publisher so much, why have not they done code Open for the community to continue giving it life?

Because in the background what interests Microsoft is to focus on Paint 3D, and what better for it than putting Paint in everyone’s mouth, have a nostalgic detail with the Internet and then emphasize in their statement several times that the Future is 3D Paint? And, logically, for a company whose good part of their business is software, it is difficult for them to make such a move, no matter how much love it has involved.



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