Lumia smartphones begin to disappear. After drought of news of the hand of Microsoft and, leaving almost exclusively the arrival of the market of terminals Windows Phone to other companies like HP or Acer, in search of the perfect substitute of the corporate terminal, it seems the dream of the third operating system in the market Is going, little by little, diluting between the hegemony of Android and the growth of iOS.

It has been in the UK Store, one of the most important markets in the world for most manufacturers, in which the disappearance of the Lumia has given the alarm about the possible death of the Windows Phone brand in the market. This happens just over a month before Microsoft’s “Build 2017”, in which there will presumably be new developments in the Windows mobile section.

In the UK Store, the Lumia stock began to tighten in mid-December, and by the end of January, the entry terminal, Lumia 550, was already out of the store. The Lumia 950 also disappeared at the end of January, and with it, the 950 XL. Only the 650 remained in the store that, despite its enormous potential, was out of stock and market.

To date, only terminals manufactured by third parties with Windows 10 as the default operating system are available, but a few months after the big Microsoft conference regarding its operating systems, the low market share and the de facto disappearance of the brand Lumia, seems to indicate that the company has surrendered to a market dominated by Android.


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