As Microsoft is increasingly promoting its ecosystem of applications within the official Windows 10 store, we will surely begin to see more apps get packed this way, even if they are centennial apps simply converted from the Win32 version.

And, now with the arrival of Windows 10 S, a system that can only use apps from this store, both Microsoft and those users will need more than ever. The good news is that they are getting better and better, and this is the case of Inkscape and Krita, two of the most complete and popular graphic editors in the open source world.

Inkscape is one of the best-known and oldest vector graphics publishers, and is available for the first time in the Windows Store. However, they warn that this version may have some incomplete functions and may only offer limited support, at least for the time being.

On the other hand, Krita is a relatively new program compared to Inkscape, but it has become popular by offering a free and open alternative to professional digital painting. Although Krita continues to be free and open source in its classic versions for Windows, Linux and Mac, this version of the Store has a value of 9.49 euros.

This money is basically a donation to the project, his team justifies saying that they need funds currently to keep Krita, and bring the program to the Windows Store requires resources. However, you can download the free versions of Krita out of the store when you feel like it. Using this and contributing to the price is just one way to support the development of the program that is still open.

It is still good news for those who have devices with Windows 10 S now that they have launched the first Surface Laptop. And, also for those setups where the installation of apps out of the store is blocked. In addition, these apps are updated automatically and run autonomously.


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