If you bought an ebook at the Microsoft ebook store, remember that this month it will stop working. It was announced last April, when the company announced that it was closing the service. Users who bought an ebook at the Microsoft store have already received an email from the company announcing that they will no longer be able to access the content purchased through this platform.

Microsoft announced the closure of its e-book store on April 2. From that moment it was no longer possible to buy new books. It was then when the multinational warned that ebooks would be inaccessible from July. In exchange, theye said, users would receive a refund for their purchases. The reason why this content will no longer be accessible to users is that on this platform the user is not buying the book but the license that allows him to read the content through DRM or digital rights management.

The DRM, which is what regulates that the copyright licenses of the contents are complied with, was linked to the server of Microsoft’s online bookstore. Because this server will cease to exist in July, those who have already purchased books will no longer have access to the content.


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