When we open Windows 10 for the first time, we find programs that we have not requested and games that we do not even know. They take up space, both on our disk and in the Windows menu. And if it is already problematic to find sample software when buying a new computer, this is even more complicated by Microsoft preinstalled apps, or third parties as advertising.

With the Microsoft Store there is also a duplicity in the task of uninstalling unwanted applications. That is, until now, to remove applications just went to the Control Panel and there we found the tool Uninstall or change a program. From there we had access to all the software installed on our computer.

But if you have installed something from the Store, you must remove it from Settings> Applications by clicking on the app in question, as long as the Uninstall button appears. This option is valid for any software installed in Windows 10.

It must be added that not all Windows 10 applications can be uninstalled, since some of them remain hidden and others are simply blocked and do not include the Uninstall button in the Applications menu.

To eliminate applications or uninstall them on our own, O&O AppBuster stands out, an application uninstaller for Windows 10 specialized in that task precisely.

With O & O AppBuster we can uninstall applications pre-installed in Windows 10 by Microsoft or third-party applications and games. And, ultimately, remove or uninstall any software installed in Windows.

On the other hand, it is also possible to reinstall programs accidentally removed from the list of official or pre-installed apps. And as an additional option, it is possible to create a restore point to recover it if you accidentally delete apps.


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