If we want to quickly hide open application windows, we can use Privacy Hide, an easy-to-use Windows tool with a simple but effective principle.

The principle behind Privacy Hide is to hide open windows of specific applications with a key combination. If they are not on the desk, nobody will know what you are doing, in case we are absent or lend our computer and we do not want anyone to touch our apps or personal profiles or to avoid curious looks at home or in the office.

To add applications to the list of windows to be hidden, simply drag and drop the application from among those that are running, which will appear in a list. We can also search for the specific executable with the button that we will find in the lower half of the main Privacy Hide tab.

Keep in mind that the tool does not detect shortcuts. That is, it only serves to drag and drop the original executable, which you will find in the Properties menu of the shortcut.

The second element to customize is the keyboard shortcut that will activate and deactivate the concealment. Combinations can include any key along with Control, Alt, Shift or the Windows key.

For example, we are in the office with an open spreadsheet but we have taken a look at Facebook. Suddenly, someone approaches and we do not want him to see our browser open.

By pressing the combination of keys that we have configured, Privacy Hide will disappear and so will the browser window, if it is in the list. Instead, the spreadsheet window will be there, as usual.

Was the danger gone? We return to press the chosen keys and we will see again the browser window and / or the hidden applications.


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