It all began last Tuesday, when Google announced the creation of an Artificial Intelligence Ethics Committee to try to alleviate the controversial accusations of bias that the organization has faced in recent months.

However, when the eight members of this advisory board were unveiled, the problems began.

A group of employees of the Mountain View multinational, known as “Googlers Against Transfobia” wrote a letter demanding the dismissal of Kay Cool James, president of the Heritage Foundation (one of the most conservative and influential think-tanks in the US) because introducing her into the IA Ethics Committee “elevated and supported her views, implying that her perspectives would be valid in decision-making”.

Alessandro Acquisti, a renowned economist, said a few hours ago that he would not finally participate in this initiative, but did not clarify the reason for his resignation. He simply pointed out on Twitter that he doesn’t think this is the right forum for his participation.

“It is clear that the controversy that has arisen around the Artificial Intelligence Ethics Committee is not what we were looking for. So we have decided to close this advisory council. We will continue to be responsible for our work on any matter related to AI and its risks, and we will seek different external opinions if necessary,” said a company spokesperson.

Well… Google launches something with bells and whistles, and later it is closed with nice words: business as usual.


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