SMS is practically history since the arrival of messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram, but they are not entirely dead. Their successor is on the way: the RCS.

RCS is short for Rich Communication Services. This is the next version of the text messaging technology of telephone operators. Some call them ‘the operators WhatsApp’.

They are much better than SMS and support many more features, such as 8,000 character per message limit, check if the other person is writing, create groups or voice messages, among others.

The problem is that the adoption of this system by mobile operators has not taken off, due to the updates needed to implement it. In most countries, RCS are stagnant.

However, if you have an Android phone, you have the technology to use them without operator approval.

You must have installed the latest beta version of the Messages application  and install the Activity Launcher application (in Google Play).

Once both are done, we must disable WiFI. Then open the Activity Launcher app and select All activities from the drop-down menu. Then click on Messages and click on Set RCS Flags. Scroll down to ACS URL and select from the drop-down menu. Then in the OTP Pattern drop-down menu and select Your\sMessenger\sverification\sis\sis\sG-(\d{6}. Scroll down and touch Apply. We force the Messages application to close and open it again. If you see a banner that asks you to update now so you can see what your friends are writing, click Update Now. If not, repeat the steps above just in case.

Once updated, tap “…”> Settings>Chat features in the Messages application to see which RCS features are available. If you see a warning message at the top, your number may not be verified, but it can be fixed by following the steps correctly or by forcing messages to close, then opening and restarting the phone, installing the Operator Services application, going to Settings and searching for All Applications. We search for Operator Services and delete the data of the app. Or in the Messages application go to Configuration > Chat functions >Status: Configuration, then tap on Verify and write your number.


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