Millions of personal and commercial accounts of YouTube, Gmail, Snapchat and other Google services suffered problems this Sunday after they stopped working in various parts of North America and Europe, as reported by the Down Detector website.

After several hours without speaking out, Google had to report an interruption in its cloud content platform that has caused several sites and applications not to work in some regions since Sunday, June 2. Gmail, G Suite and YouTube have been the most affected services, but not the only ones. The fall has also affected Snapchat, Discord and other applications that depend on Google’s infrastructure.

The company has explained that the outage has been “related to a major network problem” during its status update. The outage appears to have occurred due to “high levels of network congestion. The spokesman believes they have located the “root cause” of the problem and that the service will resume soon, however, has not yet been restored. However, it promises to perform an “autopsy” and make “appropriate improvements” to prevent a recurrence.

That is to say, they recognise that there is “something broken” that is the fault of the “network saturation” and that, therefore, it is not their fault, but that they are working so that it does not happen again (in other words, that they admit that it is their fault).

The obvious fact is that this tactic of not acknowledging their difficulties leaves them in evidence because none of the other major online service platforms were affected by any “network saturation”.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. In October, Google’s general services were disconnected in November due to a routing problem. Nest also fell due to a series of outages in late 2018 and early 2019.

After all it seems this Internet thing is not so essential: the World is still running and nobody died because Google was down a few hours.


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