While Google Drive already has a practical dynamic for sharing and managing the permissions we give to other users, it is now simplified even further by saving us a few clicks and some headaches.

When we want to share content on Google Drive, Documents, Forms, Spreadsheets or Presentations we follow the same dynamic: we select the Share option and complete the options that appear in a pop-up window. That’s the dialog box that will change, presenting this new interface.

The sections are reorganized, showing us first the option to share the document with certain contacts and enable the permissions. And then, in a separate card, the link to share with a group of users is shown along with the options to edit the way it’s shared.

So you can see at a glance who you’re sharing the content with and what kind of permissions you’ve granted. And of course, you can change the permissions or remove the sharing with a few simple clicks. This new dynamic saves time and also prevents us from making mistakes by sharing content with the wrong contacts.

An interesting update considering that having good tools to run remote computers has become essential in this time of quarantine.


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