A few days ago we were able to learn about the partnership between Epic Games and OnePlus to offer Fortnite at 90 frames per second in the OnePlus 8 Pro.

In the last hours OnePlus has released the latest versions for all its OnePlus 6 and 7 series. These phones do not update their Android version (since they are already updated to Android 10) but they are receiving interesting news. One of the most striking is an exclusive (at least for the moment) for India.

The application of games that carry the OnePlus known as Game Space from now on will have a direct access to the Epic Games app, store from which you can download Fortnite (although it is already in Google Play) as well as several games that will be coming to the platform. In this way Epic Games avoids the 30% fee that Google charges to all games and applications downloaded from the so far only official store in the Android phones that offered Fortnite.

The Epic Games store was born as the installer of Fortnite, but over time it became the application for Epic Games. Currently, it can be downloaded to any mobile phone in APK format from the Epic Games website, and currently only offers two titles: Fortnite and Battle Breakers, although recently the company has complained about the treatment received by this application as unreliable software by Android since it does not come from the official Google store, subject to the 30% fee.

Without a doubt, this is a great move for Epic Games, which after having expanded in the PC games market could become one of the great rivals of Google Play, as it continues to create a platform that specializes in mobile video games and is able to sign more alliances with more manufacturers to install its games store next to Google Play.


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