After maintaining its personalization layer for the devices of its brand in China, Lenovo decides to abandon it totally. We will no longer have smartphones with Vibe UI installed.

Customization layers were a must for a long time. Back when the Android design was poor and incomplete, manufacturers created their own interfaces to enhance Android. But Android advanced in terms of design: first with Holo and then with Material Design. Two design guides that have proven to work very well.

Faced with this scenario, the layers of personalization lost some of their meaning. But the manufacturers continued to bet on them, making them a kind of added value. This convinces some users, while others prefer pure Android. And Lenovo wants to abandon its own layer of customization to bet on Android stock.

The news comes when the Chinese company presents its new Lenovo K8 Note. It’s one more phone, but there’s something different: it has no personalization layer. We did not find the usual Vibe UI, but it is plain Android. And this is not an error, nor is it an incomplete prototype.

They will not integrate it into any phone signed by Lenovo from now on, in favor of pure Android. “We’ve been looking at what we have in the software perspective for 11 months. […] There is a trend and we have decided to remove Vibe Pure UI from our phones. So now you’ll have the Android stock that our customers have been asking for. “


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