Krita is a great free and open source graphics editor, one of the best image editors in existence, among the best alternatives to Photoshop).

The fact is that so far it has always been available for desktop platforms, and although it was originally developed as a competitor to GIMP, it was later updated as a digital painting program.

Now the news is out: it opens the door to the Android world, although it is in a beta phase for the time being.

The interface doesn’t have many changes, but the menu bar has been replaced by a menu more suited to the mobile world. The bar can be hidden in View> Full Screen, and easily recovered at any time.

It is more oriented to tablets (it can’t be installed in a mobile), since it requires a good screen size to be able to paint without problems, if possible with a suitable pen. In the case of using a Galaxy Tab S6, for example, you can use the pressure sensitivity function for the S-Pen.

The version is also compatible with Chrome OS, so Chromebook owners now have a great program available in their limited list of options.


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