How to Successfully Increase Your Google Ranking

There is more to running a successful website than offering a great product range or striking web design. You must optimize your website to ensure it ticks all the boxes the search engines are looking for. Find out how to successfully increase your Google ranking.

Page Titles

A title tag will appear in the search engine to display a web page, and it will also appear within the browser. Title tags are essential for search engine optimization (SEO), as they tell both internet users and the search spiders what a page is about. It is also important to keep the descriptions short and engaging, as Google will only display between 50 to 60 characters – so use the description well and keep it relevant.


One of the most important SEO elements on your website is, of course, your keywords. They should each be relevant to your brand, product range or service, which will help to boost your rank in the search engines while driving a considerable amount of traffic to your website. However, do not stuff the site with keywords or you will run the risk of it being flagged for spam.

Alt Tags

Every image or video featured on your website should have a description within the alt tags, which will allow Google to locate a page easily. It will help to increase your online presence, as Google will have a greater opportunity to find your website, which could boost your page’s rank.


Do the hard work for Google and create a sitemap, which is a dedicated page that lists and links to major pages on your website. It will, therefore, allow both users and search spiders to reach a page using fewer clicks, while making it easier to crawl through your website. This will allow search spiders to quickly locate web pages while improving relevancy for a search.

Update Your Content

Content is and always will be king when it comes to SEO. Google wants to provide users with helpful, meaningful experiences, which is why you must regularly provide well-written, engaging content. Not only will it allow customers to make an informed choice on your website, but it will also be the best indicator of your website’s relevancy, as you can incorporate keywords while keeping the website fresh.

A Mobile-Friendly Site

More than half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices, which is why a mobile-friendly website is believed to be a ranking signal in Google. As the search engine strives to provide the best user experience, you must ensure you provide a mobile-friendly website, or you will be forced to pay the price in Google.

Grasping the concepts of SEO can be overwhelming and difficult at times, which is why many SEO companies such as Studio 44 ( offer services to help you. Don’t rely on a beautiful website to do the hard work for you. Actively optimize your website to make sure Google finds your website with ease and ranks you highly in the search engine results pages. If you are unsure where to start, we recommend consulting an experienced SEO agency.


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