Google+ was not a success, to be kind, but of course it was Google’s purest attempt to compete with the social networks that dominate the market and, in particular, its way of fighting against Facebook. However, the fact that Google has never been successful in the social arena does not mean that it will stop trying. If we think, the truth is that Google’s biggest social success died with the now-defunct Google Reader and its shared links, and has not since tried again.

However, between Android and its different services, Google still has some opportunity to give a social touch to their apps. Google has released an update to its Maps app for iOS and Android that allows users to create lists to share with other users (including public lists) with the intention, in the words of one of the spokespersons, to “help people get out of your routine and do something new.

The attempt, therefore, is subtle, but it brings a social layer to Maps and invites users to share content. Until now, and beyond Google Sites ratings, most of the mapping content had been kept private to the rest of the users. As the matter is planned, it is a direct attempt to compete with sites like Yelp or Foursquare, adding to the current recommendations social lists to share or to save later.

From now on, Maps will aggregate much of the content generated by the user in regards to location. And, of course, it has become the most social site the company has (if we ignore the almost dead Google+).

The problem? It is not very clear that blending some of the public and private localization content is the best way to attract new users or move those already on Yelp and Foursquare.


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