This year is not being normal in many ways. This is being noticed by the different mobile manufacturers, who are seeing their sales suffer, although most of them are still launching handsets.
Google has already delayed the launch of Pixel 4a and it seems that not only will it do so again, but it will do the same with Pixel 5.

Google’s relationship with hardware is well known. It seeks to create a reference brand with Pixel, but the competition is quite strong in Android phones and other manufacturers usually offer the same as the Google phone or a significantly lower price, so sales of the Californian brand phones are usually discreet (or rather low). Add to this the situation caused by the COVID-19, which does not help.

For all these reasons it seems that the company would have decided to postpone the sale of Pixel 4a again until no less than October. However, the date of presentation, supposedly scheduled for 13 July, would be maintained.

Google could put the Pixel 4a on sale in black on 22 October, even if it presents it three months earlier. This was commonplace a few years ago, but few brands are now announcing something so far in advance because by the time it goes on sale the mobile will be out of step with the competition.

According to some analysts, Pixel 5 would also see its presentation date delayed, perhaps to be put on sale at the same time as Pixel 4a.

There are still several months to go before Google’s flagship is announced, and it would not be unusual for us to finally get close to 2021 to have a new Pixel in the stores.


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