Google announced the launch of a new instant messaging service with which it wants to compete with platforms such as WhatsApp or Telegram, which add up to billions of users worldwide. The service, called Chat, will be based on RCS, the technology that uses the SMS system and does not require Internet connection, and will be launched for the first time later this month in the United Kingdom and France in Android devices and will be extended to other countries in the coming months.

With this platform, Google makes its umpteenth attempt to present an instant messaging service, after Google Talk, Google Voice, Google Buzz, Google+ Messenger, Hangouts, Spaces, Allo and Hangouts Chat.

The real question here is, as everybody knows already it will be another total failure, how long will it last.

The fact is actually Google excutives do not care about the launch of this service and, simultaneously, announce they will stop manufacturing tablets after the little success of Pixel Slate.

The American multinational confirmed the information that indicated that it had decided to abandon the manufacture of tablets, after the little success of Pixel Slate, which came onto the market last October and has had a very cold reception by users.

Rick Osterloh, Google’s vice president for devices and services, said in a message on Twitter the hardware team will focus “exclusively” on the manufacture of laptops from now on. “But don’t be fooled: the Android (Google’s mobile operating system) and Chrome OS (the computer operating system and Pixel Slate) teams are 100 percent committed to their long-term work with our partners on tablets for all market segments,” he said.

According to the executive of the Mountain View company, therefore, Google will stop manufacturing its own tablets, but will continue to provide software for devices of other brands as before.


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