The Google team announced new measures aimed at encouraging developers to continue betting on Google Play.

Among the novelties, changes were mentioned in relation to the commission charged to developers for subscriptions on Google Play. It will be a significant reduction, from 30% to 15%.

Let’s remember that developers not only have the possibility to publish their applications on Google Play Store, but also to implement a subscription system. In that case, Google currently charges you a 30% subscription fee.

To help meet the specific needs of developers who offer subscriptions, starting January 1, 2022, we will reduce the service fee for all subscriptions on Google Play from 30% to 15%, starting on day one.

This is not the first measure it has announced this year in favor of improving conditions for developers. In March, the Google team announced that it was lowering the commission it charges developers for selling their apps in the store. However, the system was a bit more complicated.

The commission was 30%, but Google proposed to give developers some relief with a new proposal. It would charge them 15% commission on the first million, but then take back 30% of the rest of the turnover. A measure that began to be implemented in July for all developers regardless of where they live.

And with respect to subscriptions, Google had already proposed to lower it to 15% but only if they met this requirement: that the subscription remained active for 12 months in a row. But this changes with the new announcement, since developers will enjoy the 15% discount from the first day it is implemented in Google Play.

So they will no longer have to wait a year for this benefit, as it will automatically be implemented for all developers from January 2022.



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