A few months ago Google introduced Play Protect, a new security measure for applications installed from Google Play. This new safety net starts operating today.

The security of our mobile is quite important, although we do not always pay attention. Malicious applications are everywhere, and despite the efforts of Google, it seems to be something that will accompany us for a long time.

One of our security recommendations in recent years has been to download applications only from trusted sources, with Google Play being one of them. Even so, malicious apps always get their way, even in Google’s own store.

Thanks to Google Play Protect we will be more secure, since today the Google security network is active. Starting today, Google Play will tell us when an application we’re downloading is safe for our mobile. We can also check which applications on our mobile are completely secure.

Google Play Protect is one of the latest Google projects for Android security. Beyond the measures implemented by security patches (which many manufacturers do not apply), in most cases it is the applications themselves that exploit those vulnerabilities.

We could say that Google Play Protect acts like an antivirus, verifying that each application of the Google store is completely safe. It is not a fail-safe network, but it is certainly an additional layer of security to keep our devices safe. Especially for those who do not receive the important security updates.

Do I need to install any applications to be protected? No. This is a Google Play update that will reach all devices with the Google App Store completely free of charge. It is already available, although it is a global deployment that may take some days to send the update.


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