Google, the technological giant on which android operating systems depend and which has announced its rupture with Huawei, announces that users will be able to continue using the Google Play app store and its protector against malicious applications, Google Play Protect.

However, Google will not supply its components or software to the Chinese manufacturer anymore. This rupture means that android cannot be updated on any of the Huawei devices, unless it is done through open source licenses. So the daily use of the millions of Huawei mobiles will be affected.

This divorce has been forced by the U.S. government’s ban on collaborating with companies that pose a “threat to U.S. national security”. A ‘black list’ in which the manufacturer has just entered, into a context of full commercial battles between the USA and China.

For its part, Huawei has promised that it will continue to incorporate after-sales updates in all its devices, both those already sold and those that are about to sell, helping to build a “safe and sustainable software ecosystem” for its users.


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