Just a few months ago, Google banned any type of ads promoting services or products related to cryptocurrencies, following the same dynamic as Facebook. This measure was taken in order to protect users from fraud and cryptocurrency scams.

However, now they have taken a step back, and as mentioned in the Google Ads Help Center, a new policy will be implemented as of October 1:

The Google Ads Policy on Financial Products and Services will be updated in October 2018 in order to allow the promotion of regulated sale of cryptocurrencies in the United States and Japan.

To apply to this new dynamic, advertisers must have Google certification, which is mandatory for the promotion of restricted financial products. And of course, this certification must meet the legal requirements of the country where they think they implement the advertisements.

Google has not been the only one to rethink how to approach the cryptocurrencies issue. In June, Facebook also announced a change to its January announcement, leaving aside the complete ban on ads and services related to cryptocurrencies, binary options, ICO, among others. Its new strategy was to allow approved advertisers to openly promote these types of financial products and services.


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