HTC stops its trading by imminent purchase by Google

The Taiwanese manufacturer HTC will halt its trading in the markets tomorrow. The most plausible reason is the purchase by Google, which Bloomberg News reported weeks ago.

Evan Blass, a VentureBeat journalist, agrees with Bloomberg and assures that Google’s purchase will occur imminently. According to sources close to Blass, the Taiwanese company has called an urgent meeting to inform its employees about this operation.

Google will not buy the entire company. The US company will acquire certain assets related to the development of hardware, software and mobile phones. Neither will be made with the rights of the HTC brand.

The features of the operation would allow HTC to survive as a company, but would abandon the mobile phone market to focus on other product categories such as virtual reality, where its range of VIVE products are achieving traction.

The company would thus abandon a sector in which, for many years, it was referent. HTC pushed the democratization of the smartphone before even the iPhone and Android were a reality. It did it next to Windows Mobile, although soon it ended up pivoting its business towards the platform Android. It was after that pivot when the manufacturer achieved its best results, dominating the rankings of market shares and recording large revenues every quarter.

HTC is also considered one of the biggest and best partners of Google. Together they developed the first Android phone, the first device in the Nexus family and the first smartphone in the Pixel range. All these actions, to a greater or lesser extent, were vital to the development and expansion of the Android platform, which is now the most widely used mobile operating system in the world.


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