Gmail already allows us to send images, files and documents in a very simple way. However, the Google team wants to go further and allow G Suite users to attach emails within emails.

Yes, emails within another email, as if it were an attachment, as shown in the image:

There will be two ways to do this:

  1. You choose the emails and drag and drop them into the Compose interface, and they will automatically remain as attachments.
    Another way is to choose the emails from the inbox and then from the menu select “Forward as attachment”.
  2. The emails are attached as .eml files, the recipient only has to select them and they will open automatically in another window of the web browser, and you can attach as many emails as you need.

It’s a simple process that requires just a few clicks. And it’s also a very easy way to add context to an email, avoiding sending separate emails to clarify an issue or work as a team.

This new feature is not yet available, but will be implemented gradually to all users of G Suite.


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