Although it has long since ceased to compete with popular streaming services, Google does not want to lose its place in the hearts of users and bets on a modality that has already worked for it with YouTube.

The YouTube Premium plan seemed perfect: exclusive content in exchange for a monthly subscription. However, it didn’t work out according to Google’s expectations (this is the fancy way of calling another Google’s total failure) and in a change of strategy it moved on to offer movies and series for free but with advertising, although without abandoning subscriptions for those users who don’t want ads.

This strategy looks like it will also reach Google Play Movies, as mentioned in Xda Developers, a detail they have noticed when investigating the source code of the latest version of the application. In the chain of the code, phrases such as “a hundred free movies, with a few ads” or “free with ads” are read.

This will be an important change, since so far it is only possible to rent or buy movies or series. And in a few exceptions there is an option to view some titles for free. However, it is not yet known how Google plans to implement this change. Whether this format will apply to all Google Play Movies content or only to selected titles, whether it will be worldwide or in certain countries, among other details.

Google has not commented on this at this time. It is possible that it will appear at any time in Play Movies, more considering that many services are offering free content because of the quarantine.


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