Firefox Focus solves its biggest fault and includes multitasking

Firefox Focus, the Mozilla browser aimed at maximizing privacy, receives an update with an important improvement: the possibility of having several tabs.

Firefox Focus is the Android browser that best manages privacy so you do not worry about the trail that you are leaving behind you, although at first they left a much demanded option: the possibility to open different tabs at the same time.

We do not like to surf the Internet from the same window without being able to jump between several webs according to the needs, reason why Firefox has decided to include the expected multitasking. It is true that private browsing is usually restricted to specific occasions, but it is also that there will be users who do not want to use another browser when they want to open a new page.

How does this new system work? Simply load a page through the address (or sharing a link with Firefox Focus) and then click on any link marked “Open link in a new tab”. You will see a counter in the bottom right, where the delete icon is.

As you add private tabs, the numbering will increase. And you can move between all the open tabs by clicking on the number and choosing the desired one.

The new update of Firefox Focus for Android has already begun to be distributed in the Google Play Store with the numbering 2.0.


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