Developers, to keep their mobile applications useful along the years, use updates that gradually improve its performance or with which they change the appearance or icons.

Until now we could choose whether to have the latest version of our apps or not, although this may change. Google has been working for some time with some development partners to implement an app programming interface to force updates. Now, the company announces that this interface will be available to all developers with apps in the Google Play Store.

The goal of this feature, called Inline Updates, is to give developers the option to “force” users to update their apps to the latest version available. While this may sound negative, Google has explained that it intends to use this feature in very specific cases, such as a security breach that needs to be addressed as soon as possible, or by adding a key feature. Developers will be able to choose how the mandatory update occurs, such as in the background or skipping a message on the screen that alerts the user to a new version, or blocking the app until it is updated.


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