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Author: Shaikh Rafia

We already shared with you that Android Lollipop is facing some serious battery drain issues and how to try tackling these. While the operating system’s latest iteration Android 5.1.1 was expected to bring in some fixes for the issue, it hasn’t been so.

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android 5.x battery drain

According to various media and user reports, after upgrading to Android 5.x, users face various battery related issues including losing a big chunk of it over a period when user isn’t even using the Android device. Android has never really been good with using resources intelligently and has always suffered with battery problems. However, Android 5.x battery drainage has taken the usual issue to another level.

While we are not sure when will this annoying Android 5.x battery bug be solved, we have shared with you some tips and fixes that may help in solving the issues of Android battery drain. Remember, that next iteration of Android is also expected to bring a fix to the memory leak issue. Android 5.1.1 was also expected to fix this issue as well, however, it didn’t bring any consolation to the users with quite a many experiencing the issue.

Android 5.x battery bug reports:

The battery bug is not only present in Android 5.x but also experienced by the users on the latest Android M developer preview making it a very constant bug in Android iterations. Here are some reported Android 5.x battery issues over at issue tracker. As you can see all of the devices including latest flagships like Samsung Galaxy S6, Nexus devices, HTC, Motorola, Sony, and Chinese makes are also facing this problem.

– When mobile data (2G or 3G) is switched on, all the internet apps continue to consume battery and keep the mobile data active unless they are force stopped. On kitkat, this didn’t happen because apps stopped using mobile data whenever their transaction was over. But here in lollipop, they don’t seem to stop ever and cause a huge battery drain.

– Same bug for me. OnePlus One 5.0.2/5.1/5.1.1

– Cell in standby for me is the major cause of the battery drain on my Nexus 6. This issue there was with Android 5.0 and is still here with 5.1.0.

– Nexus 4,android 5.1 LMY47O Massive battery drain by mobile radio active.


– Same issue galaxy s6 5.0.2

– HTC One M7 with Android 5.0.2. But with no Mobile Data active. Just normal GSM + Wifi.

– Samsung Galaxy S4 only 4h Battery lifetime

– Galaxy S4 on 100% battery KK 4.4.4 – 2% battery drain after 8 hrs while in sleep mode Galaxy S6 on 100% battery LP 5.1.1 – 6% battery drain after 8 hrs while in sleep mode

User are also pretty annoyed with how Google is handling this issue as “small” priority.

– This issue is one of the most voted android issues with almost 2000 stars now (fourth most starred open issue), and still google hasn’t acknowledged it yet, and seemingly hasn’t done anything to resolve it. AND THE PRIORITY IS SMALL !!!! WTF!!!?? OMG!!!???

– This is no longer small, looking at the number of affected users. WAKE UP GOOGLE! Not fixing this quickly, means lost of users.

It is not certain why Google isn’t taking this issue seriously, possibly because the Lollipop adoption rate is slow? Some suggest, this is one of the reasons why users aren’t quick at adopting latest Android builds. While Google focuses on bringing out Android M, users will have nothing but to downgrade to earlier versions.

– Source IssueTracker VIA PA

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