We all know that is really coming through and taking over on the mobile phone scene. People are no longer flocking just to Apple for their phones. Apple does remain one of the top leading sellers of smart mobile phones on the market, but Google is bringing up the ranks as it always does, and they are really improving overall. It’s been pretty hard to ignore. Now, there be aware of. the new Android Lollipop out. Let’s look and see what this new interface has to offer its users.

Check Out The New Android Lollipop

Google has done it again with the release of the new Android Lollipop. If you have it already you can see all of the changes that have been brought on, and they are quite wonderful. It’s fluid, sleek and easy to use even for the novice mobile phone user. There are several new features that we will discuss here.

Notifications, the app drawer and the lock screen

First of all, there are some central changes to be aware of. On the lock screen, you can now see which notifications you have missed. Just go to notifications and sounds to change them if you would like. That way, you don’t have to worry about having texts or emails show up so that someone else could see them. It’s a great privacy feature, but it also makes using your mobile phone much easier overall. You can also see your notifications bar by swiping down. There is a slider control for different settings as well.
If you want to react immediately to certain notifications, you can go ahead and do that as soon as you see them, or you can wait and tell the phone to hold onto those notices.

Lastly, you’ll notice some changes with the app drawer where, for instant, you might store your favorite Apps  making it easier and quicker to access. This is the first time that it has changed since the 4.0 version, so it was definitely due. It is now closely related to the home screen, and it has more of a folder feel instead of being in an entirely different area than the home screen. It is bigger, brighter and offers a background that is now white instead of a dark color or invisible altogether.

Other changes

Of course there are other changes to the Android as well, and you’ll want to pay attention to all of them. You’ll have a user account and an owner account. These are two different things. But there’s a guest account too. That way, you can let your mom or a friend or even a stranger use your phone without worrying that they are going to see personal and vital information that you don’t want them to see. Overall, these changes are great, and we look forward to seeing how they pan out for Android.


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