Drive will automatically stop synchronizing with Photos from July. As announced by Google, new videos or photos saved on Drive will not be automatically displayed on Google Photos, and vice versa.

In a statement, the search engine company says it wants to make the connection between Drive and Photos less confusing for the user. It also wants to avoid the accidental deletion of content, because what is deleted in Drive will not disappear from Photos, and vice versa.

In any case, videos or photos of Drive that are already in Photos before July, and vice versa, will remain there, although they will no longer be updated automatically. However, since both applications are no longer connected, from July the files copied in original quality will take up space in both Drive and Photos.

With the intention that the user has “greater control over the copying of their videos and images” from Drive to Photos, Google will add to Photos the tool ‘Upload from Drive’. With it you will be able to manually select the files you want to import into Photos, including the shared ones.

Google ensures that the user will still have the option of ‘backup and synchronization’, both in Windows and MacOS, to upload files to both applications in high quality and in the original quality. The difference, they clarify, is that in the first case will not count as space used from the available in the account, and in the second only count once.


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