The last change that is giving problems to Alphabet is the treatment of cookies. In particular, from Chrome 69 Google cookies will not be deleted, even if we try to delete them all.

To access the Chrome cleaning tool we just have to open the browser menu and enter “More tools” and “Clear browsing data.”

It will open a tab and a menu in which we can select what we want to delete. If we enter the “Advanced” tab, we will see the options in more detail.

If we try to delete the “Cookies and other site data”, we will see a message saying “the session will not be closed in your Google account”. Therefore, even if we delete all cookies with this method, Chrome will not touch those of Google.

Chrome has to protect Google’s cookies to make sure it does not lose data from our Google session; It is a direct consequence of Chrome having to have the session started necessarily.

This goes against the expected utility of the cleaning tool, and can create confusion; Yes, just what Google supposedly wants to avoid. When you clean all cookies, you do not expect your browser to make exceptions on your own. And like the rest, Google has not announced these changes; It is the community on Twitter and forums that has realized this.


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