Renewing iOS to version 12 also means renewing the App Store rules for developers to publish their apps. During WWDC 2018 Apple has updated some of its publication rules that will make life easier for both developers and users. One of the most requested changes has already come true: free trials for all paid apps in the App Store.

Until now only certain apps could offer demos and these tests have been limited to subscription apps. That is, if you bought a subscription to an app, the developer had the opportunity to offer a few free days before charging the first payment. With iOS 12 you no longer need any of these requirements.

In the rules of publication of the App Store says that applications can now offer a free trial period based on an in-app purchase at no cost to unlock all functions of the application. This means that within the app or game there will be an in-app purchase of $ 0.00 that will allow you to use the premium features for free for several days, a week, two or as indicated by the developer.

With this change, all applications in the App Store can offer free trials to customers if developers choose to implement the feature. The absence of this type of free trial has been a key factor for many developers, especially in the Mac App Store, where many have preferred to leave it because they could not offer free trial periods to their users.


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