The iOS Lisa application promises to choose the image with the highest potential for interactions using artificial intelligence.

Deciding which photograph to upload to Instagram is almost as complex as eating puree with chopsticks. One is better illuminated, in another the landscape is more attractive and in the third, simply, you come out better. But even if you spend a lot of time editing and trying to perfect it, decide which of the three – if you are lucky and you only have three to decide – you must upload to your magnificent and careful profile of Instagram, will end up being an instinctive rather than reasoned act.

The key to getting more followers and “Like” on Instagram is to post really amazing content. For followers who keep coming back and touching your photos twice, you have to be sure that you’re constantly uploading high-quality photos and interesting titles. However, giving your audience what you want to see does not mean you have to post the same type of photo over and over again … Let’s face it, it can be a little boring.

Lisa, a simple application for iOS, takes advantage of artificial intelligence to solve for you those kinds of situations. Based on different patterns, Lisa identifies which photo is the best and which one could be most successful in your Instagram profile (impressions, interactions, etc.). To do this simply select which images to interpret and the system, automatically, will suggest the one that you must upload to Instagram.

In addition to recommending and displaying an estimated percentage of interactions, Lisa also recommends a number of hashtags to include in the posting – in case you keep using hashtags in Instagram.

Lisa is available on the App Store. It can be downloaded for free and will most likely become a great tool to make your Instagram profile a better place.



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