If you’re thinking about getting the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus after the launch of iOS 11, you might be wondering if it’s worth it. Sure, you’ve heard great things about them, but what are the new features? This is a quick guide to some of the best hidden features tucked away on this powerhouse of an iPhone.

Adjustable Solid State Home Button

The new iPhone 7 models come with a new home button that actually isn’t a button at all. When you “click” it, you’re just getting a vibration feedback instead. This improves water resistance, sleekness, and helps you avoid wearing out the Home button. You can change the intensity of the vibration by going to General > Home Button and adjusting the feedback levels according to your preferences.

Better Selfie/FaceTime Camera

If you’re a selfie extraordinaire or you FaceTime frequently, you might be less-than-satisfied with previous front-facing cameras. Apple upgraded the camera to 7 megapixels, significantly improving image fidelity. You can also enjoy better quality in low-light, thanks to improved image stabilization and a front-facing “flash” with the screen turning bright white. No more grainy or dark selfies!

Water Resistance

While it’s not advised for you to take your iPhone in the bath, the iPhone 7 is much more water resistant. Apple touts its ability to handle spills and even getting dropped in water without affecting the hardware. Now you don’t have to worry about minor spills or accidental drops into a puddle killing your phone.

Now that you know about these top hidden features, you’ll be able to use your iPhone 7 to its full capacity. If you haven’t bought your new iPhone 7 yet or you need help after you get it, make sure you come to MelroseMAC, an Apple premier partner. Next time you think, “Where can I find iPhone accessories near me?” stop by there too.


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