There is probably no group of people that wouldn’t have a huge set of smartphone apps tailored specifically for them, and car owners are not an exception. Today one can find an app that would do anything, from helping you to find the best deals for a new car to telling you when to replace your Hyundai key fob batteries. There are so many of them that anybody thinking about selecting a few to use on a daily basis is likely to be at a complete loss due to the sheer number of alternatives. In this article, we will cover some of the best car-related iPhone apps you certainly have to give a try to in 2019.

1.- Carticipate

One can cite many reasons to use an app like Carticipate: an attempt to decrease one’s carbon footprint, an effort to lower spending or something else entirely, but one thing is for certain – it is convenient, useful and rapidly growing in popularity. Carticipate is a completely free ridesharing app that allows its users to find rides in their locations using a vast social network that already exists not just in the United States but internationally as well. Whether you want to save money on fuel or control your CO2 emissions, Carticipate is certainly something that should be on your “must install” list.

2.- Waze

Every minute spent in city traffic is stressful, and anything that can alleviate this stress is very much welcome. Waze does just this. In addition to its obvious functions like automatic navigation (which is hardly a surprising option these days), it also passes you alerts on a plethora of inconveniences and hazards you are likely to encounter during your commute, ranging from traffic jams and roadworks to police and potholes. If you want always to be aware of what is expecting you at every turn of the road, Waze can give you a pretty good idea – and you can always give back to the community by marking the hazards you’ve noticed on the app and passing this knowledge to other Waze users.

3.- EOBD Facile

Would you like to be able to fully diagnose what happened to your car without having to drive into a car shop? It is possible with the help of EOBD Facile. To do so, you merely have to connect an ELM327 device to the OBD2 port of your car and run this app. After that, you will be able to get engine and gearbox fault codes as well as their meanings transferred directly to your phone. If you are interested in additional measurements, you can learn a host of other information about how your car functions: car and engine speed, spark timing and much more.

4.- Find My Car

Do you often forget where you parked after spending a couple of hours at a supermarket and spend ages looking for your car? With Find My Car this problem will never bother you again. The name is more or less self-explanatory – it works similarly to Find My iPhone utility. Using GPS, it finds the location of your car based on a previously saved position. This means that after you leave the shopping center you no longer have to try and remember where you’ve left the car – you only have to open the app, and it will give you its position, as well as the current distance to it and the best route to get to it, based on your current location.

5.- Parker

Before you start looking where you’ve parked your car, you have to get it parked in the first place, and this is what Parker can help you with. It does exactly what it says on the tin – helps you find free parking space in parking lots and garages using GPS. All you have to do is to type in your destination and follow convenient step-by-step instructions to get to an optimal parking space. In addition to simply leading you to free parking spaces, Parker also shows you the prices, payment options and other features of available locations so that you can make an informed choice without having to visit the parking lot in question.

6.- PlugShare

If you own an electric car or a plug-in hybrid, you just cannot do without PlugShare – a two-in-one app that opens up for your access to the largest community of electric vehicle owners in the world and the most complete map of public charging stations in Europe and North America. Moreover, it not just marks down the locations of charging stations but also provides comprehensive user reviews and photos. In other words, PlugShare is something every green car owner should learn how to use before leaving well-known locations. Planning your trip with an EV doesn’t have to be difficult!

7.- FIXD

If you are a car owner but not exactly a car enthusiast and simply want your vehicle to keep running without getting deep into technical terminology, FIXD is an app for you. If you dread the visit to a car shop because you never have any idea what your mechanic tells you, just fire up FIXD, and it will translate the info on your car’s issues into understandable human language, give you an account of the severity of your problem and potential consequences of driving further without solving it. In addition to that, you can schedule maintenance and oil change reminders so that you won’t have to worry about forgetting about them any longer – your phone will automatically notify you when the time comes.

8.- GasBuddy

Getting cheap gas is always an issue, but unfortunately, in most cases the need to refuel emerges suddenly when you don’t have time to plan and simply do it at the nearest gas station. With GasBuddy, you will always know where you can get the cheapest gas in your vicinity and even filter the results based on additional factors.

We hope that these apps will make your life easier in 2019 and help you use your car in a more efficient manner.


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