Yesterday Apple introduced iOS 11 to the world at its developer conference. Since there were many things to present, they only showed us the most important features. However, they are not the only innovations we have in the new operating system for iPhone and iPad.

If you are installing iOS 11 on your iPhone or iPad (as long as it is compatible) you should keep in mind that in addition to what is already known in the keynote, there are many new characterictics and hidden features in the operating system. We have compiled some of the ones we have found so far.

  • Screenshots: When you take a screenshot this is displayed, in a corner, in miniature for you to edit or share directly.
  • Podcast Redesign: The Apple podcast listening app has completely changed, now has a design very similar to Apple Music.
  • Apps and stickers bar in Messages: With iOS 11 we have the bar to open a message app always at the bottom of a conversation, making it easier to use integrated stickers and apps.
  • NFC integration with other devices: Now the iPhone is able to send and receive information from NFC devices, so far the NFC was closed and available only for Apple Pay.
  • Animations in the system: Some animations have changed, for example when unlocking the device now the screen slides up. When opening or closing an app the animation is also different.
  • Access to the symbols on the iPad keyboard: Now you have to select a key and when you press and drag the symbol corresponding to that key will be written.
  • Customizable Control Center: We can choose which elements we want to appear in the Control center. Finally you can remove Stopwatch and add Battery Saver for example.
  • Automatic removal of apps you do not use: From the settings we can choose the possibility that iOS automatically delete the apps that we have not used in the device for a while. Data from these apps will be kept, but apps will be deleted to save space.
  • Facebook and Twitter no longer integrate natively: It has lasted five generations, but iOS no longer accepts Facebook and Twitter as native integrations in the operating system from the main settings.


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