We have already seen what Nirvana can be for the most veteran of Apple: museums with collections that make drool even those who did not know or what a Performa was. And we thought they were big collections that are hard to beat, but alas … we have completely underestimated what you can accumulate when you have a specialized repair shop.

This is what has happened to Roland Borsky, who has seen how the opening of an Apple Store in Vienna has made his old Mac repair shop located in the same city decay. The result: close the business and sell everything that had been stored inside, no less than 1,100 Apple computers from various eras.

It is a collection twice as large as that of the Prague Apple Museum, which is already considered very large. In fact, some parts of that collection are exhibiting in museums and other places.
Borsky has it all in a warehouse that he can not afford to rent anymore, so selling those old Macs to collectors is hoping to cushion the $ 30,000 he owes.

What will happen if Roland fails to sell those Macs? Well, it’s going to have to be scrapped, so collectors can take advantage to negotiate a price if they want to keep one of these machines. There’s everything: from original iMacs to PowerMac towers with PowerPC.


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