To address, as far as possible, the negative aspects that may arise from the use of mobile devices by the kids, here comes Forcefield, a new service that has remote control tools for mobile devices, for now with support only for Apple devices.

Forcefield has reports of the websites visited by the kids through multiple devices, allows the blocking of websites considered not suitable for them, lets you know the applications they have installed as well as receiving alerts in case they install new ones , and also the possibility to put in rest the applications that they have open, and may even create a schedule for applications to go into sleep automatically, so the children go to sleep or perform their homework, according to the guidelines of the parents themselves.

In addition, it allows to receive copies of the photographs and videos that the minors have published in social networks, and even has a section of recommendations selected by experts on websites and applications, being organized by age and subject, reaching a total of about 400 items available.

This is a service that has just been launched and can be tested for 30 days for free, having a promotional price of $ 8.95 per month, as indicated in the price table.

Forcefield enters the segment of specific tools and services that enable parents to have control of the mobile devices that they have made available to the little ones with the objective of controlling their use and preventing access to content that is not suitable for they.


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