The new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon is the first professional Mac with an ARM processor, created by the company itself. In this MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon, power, autonomy and security are the main characteristics that define this generation.

One that promises to be a point and apart from what have been so far the Mac with an Intel processor. It is the beginning of a new era.

Apple has unveiled the first computers that represent the start of a new path for their conventional computers. And it does so by highlighting three fundamental aspects: power, autonomy and security. This new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon is the vanguard of this new generation.

The company based in Cupertino has unveiled the new equipment using the Apple Silicon M1 processor, the first for the new generation of Mac. Apple has focused on highlighting the performance per watt, which multiplies by 3 the existing so far. This is achieved by, among other things, the M1 groups all components in its SoC. Thus, we have the following included in the chip:

  • 4 cores of high performance.
  • 4 cores of energy efficiency.
  • 8 cores in the GPU.
  • 16 cores for the Neural Engine.

Apple becomes the first company to have all its products under a 5nm processor

All this is combined with a new generation of Secure Enclave and a common memory access for all SoC components. The incorporation of the Neural Engine allows to recognize scenes and make adjustments in photos and videos much faster.

This 13-inch MacBook Pro shares the same processor as MacBook Air and Mac mini. That means all three computers have the same M1 at their heart. Thanks to this new chip, Apple has managed to improve a fundamental aspect of laptops: the battery. As the company has revealed, the improvements in the autonomy tests are as follows:

  • 17 hours of web browsing.
  • 20 hours watching video.

In total, this is 10 hours more battery life than the previous model of MacBook Pro. A real achievement for a computer that maintains its main dimensions. And what is most striking is that this computer is able to reach that battery despite the fact that it has considerably increased the power of the CPU and GPU.


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