Two of the most important repositories in the jailbreak world have closed because, basically, almost nobody is interested in “freeing” their iPhone or iPad in this way. The death of the jailbreak is imminent, doing it no longer compensates.

It has been months since the release of iOS 11 and there is still no method to jailbreak the latest version of the operating system (also, it has been updated several times since then). IOS users have lost interest in jailbreaking because it is no longer necessary; those deficiencies and shortcomings of the operating system in the days of iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 were in the past. Nowadays it is much more complete in functions.

The lack of interest in jailbreaking is so evident that two of the largest and most important repositories of Cydia ModMyi and MacCiti have closed forever. Even if they manage to jailbreak iOS 11, there are fewer and fewer places that can be used to find applications and tweaks. One of the few that still remains alive in this area is BigBoss, although it has not updated its website for years.

The jailbreak was born as an alternative to replace the faults of iOS, mocking the blockages that Apple puts to your system. A few generations ago of iPhone and iPad, in the days that you could not even tether your data connection from the iPhone, the jailbreak was the salvation, and you can thank it with nostalgia.

However, today it is not necessary, and the lack of interest in breaking iOS proves it. The operating system has grown enough, it’s time to let the jailbreak die (and its dangers too).


  1. I remember the golden days of Jailbreak, those nerves that grabbed you when the iPhone was in loop and had to put it in DFU mode until you finally saw the desired apple. I remember when it was quite a novelty to mark and copy text, when it was unthinkable to film with the cell phone! and you achieved it by means of a tweak filming at 10 frames per second but it was a marvel, and an endless number of features that Apple wisely implemented with each update.

    I come from the generation where the YouTube icon was a small TV and this could not be updated or deleted, when the iPhone was expensive but accessible, when it did not break so easily, ah … good times.

  2. You could say that the jailbreak and the developments associated with it, were what showed the way to Apple on how to improve their iOS. Characteristics that the users demanded, they were integrated little by little in the official version and the point arrived at which it is no longer necessary to put anything in an unofficial way, without reaching the flexibility of Android, the degree of functionality and customization is already Mature enough to adapt to any user and not the other way around.

    The same thing happens in Android, the root is less and less necessary.


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