The iPhone 8 will not exceed $1,000, but the price outside the United States will be  greater

The iPhone 8 may be the most premium iPhone of all, and therefore, the fears of a price hike are in full bloom.

The New York Times has published a new report clarifying things a little. Luckily or unfortunately, it depends on how you look, the iPhone 8 will have a starting price of around 999 dollars. The $ 1,000 barrier is there, and only Apple and Samsung with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 play on it.

Currently the iPhone 7 Plus has a starting price of $ 769, $ 999 still does not exceed that psychological bar of $ 1,000 for a phone. However, outside of the United States, unfortunately we have already surpassed it due to the taxes and the change of the dollar. The basic iPhone 7 Plus in Europe for example has a price of 910 euros, but if we go to the 256GB version, the price goes up to 1,130 euros.

The price that Apple imposes in each country depends on different factors including the change of the dollar, or taxes of the local administrations. But regardless of that, it tends to go up a similar and proportional amount every year. Therefore, making a basic and fast three rule, the iPhone 8 could be worth in Europe about 1,182 euros in its basic model. And the models of more capacity? Easily 1,400 euros or even 1,500 euros.

Is this price exorbitant? We have to see what features the phone itself brings. Likewise, we also seemed exorbitant the 500 dollars of the original iPhone. The iPhone is a high-end phone, but besides that, possibly the iPhone 8 is a professional model, with exclusive features that we will not see in the 7s and 7s Plus models. It is not a telephone for anyone, as much for price as for needs.


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